Children are Vulnerable, Your God can Handle Himself.

the image shows a young Asian girl with a bob cut. she is wearing a white striped shirt, closing her eyes and holding a bible. behind her are a window with white curtains.

In order to have a healthy childhood, acceptance, genuine love, and support are required. While it may not appear as much of a deal at first, validation of queer identity within a family is vital to raising a child who feels unconditionally loved with healthy reactions to life, and lack of it may result in self-destructing behaviors, while lack of acknowledgment to preferred pronouns may cost a life.

There is no doubt about the importance of childhood acceptance from one’s parents, as familiesforlife states, “It is within the family unit that a child’s roots are formed and this prepares them for what they will experience in the world and how they will react to those experiences.” This means that in order to raise a child in a healthy manner, there need to be firm roots within the child’s life. Unconditional love applies to queer youth too. If it is crucial for parents even to accept their children’s hobbies, which it is, there is no single way to support their child’s sexual or gender identity isn’t.

Once the children reach adulthood, if they lived with parents who rejected how they identified themselves, they are much more likely to attempt suicide, fall into depression, contract sexually transmitted diseases, and engage in illegal drugs than those with accepting parents. Both right and left-wing media do not deny the low mental health rate of LGBT folk, however, it is not the fault of the individuals, and can be traced back to family and parental relationships. As said by Dr. Fields, ‘Once my parents are behind me, I can handle anything else the world throws at me,’. When the child feels safe and valued by their parents, including queer affirmation, they will go on to live much more healthy and fulfilling lifestyles and the opposite can be said about children with unsupportive families.

Studies have shown that using a trans individual’s proper name and pronouns that align with their gender will reduce rates of depressive symptoms, and can even prevent suicide. Even in 2022, there is still blatant transphobia out there, with purposeful deadnaming and harassment of those who identify as transgender being nothing new. Along with this, there is the occasional well-meaning ally who misgenders simply by accident, all of these being damaging to self-esteem. Because of this, support from family members is a must, especially considering misgendering results in dysphoria, which is a concerning cause of suicide for the trans population, specifically the youth. Family is what one should always be able to turn to, which includes validation of gender identity and sexualities that don’t fit the mold.

In conclusion, children do much better in homes where every aspect of them is loved, with parents who raise them to lead a healthy adult life and don’t have their mental well-being compromised for internal biases.



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